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Aug 28, 2014 at 07:14 PM

Open Letter Regarding Communications Security Establishment of Canada's Operations Print E-mail Share to FacebookTweet This!
Feb 19, 2014 at 01:27 PM

Many constituents have been writing and calling about the Communications Security Establishment of Canada’s operations. It is important to make it clear that CSEC is involved in operations that safeguard Canadian citizens from foreign threats and cyber-attacks.

While there has been a great deal said about their operations in Canada, CSEC is prohibited from targeting the communications of Canadian citizens in Canada – or anywhere around the globe, during their regular operations. CSEC’s mandate is exclusively for foreign intelligence collection that protects and promotes Canadian interests.

Federal law enforcement and security services may request CSEC’s involvement and assistance. In such cases, CSEC is required to strictly abide by all Canadian laws, including the Privacy Act. Any operations involving Canadians are subject to the same laws and regulations surrounding ordinary police operations, wherein the agency requires an applicable court warrant. CSEC is bound by and must respect any limits to those authorities. There are strong legislative measures in place to protect and preserve the privacy of Canadians.

All CSEC activities are reviewed by the independent Communications Security Establishment Commissioner.  The commissioner has not, in sixteen years, found CSEC’s operations to be unlawful. In fact, the commissioner has specifically noted CSEC’s culture of lawful compliance and genuine concern for protecting the privacy of Canadians. CSEC is also subject to external audit and review by the Auditor General, the Privacy Commissioner, the Information Commissioner and Commissions of Inquiry.


Rick Dykstra, M.P.
St. Catharines

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Federal government continues support for Canada’s Seniors Print E-mail Share to FacebookTweet This!
Feb 18, 2014 at 11:54 AM

MP Rick Dykstra announces funding to fight elder financial abuse

St. Catharines - Rick Dykstra, Member of Parliament for St. Catharines, today announced funding through Justice Canada’s Victims Fund to Niagara North Community Legal Assistance to address the financial abuse of seniors. The BeFAIR Project (Building an Elder Financial Abuse Intervention Response) will research the crime of elder financial abuse in the Niagara Region with the objective of establishing an intervention service.

“Nothing is as reprehensible as taking advantage of our vulnerable seniors”, said Dykstra.  “I am very pleased to see our government fund a project that can assist in ending this disgusting practice.”

A national survey concluded approximately 10% of seniors experience financial abuse. The senior population in Niagara is about 75,000. This problem leads to loss of assets in financial institutions and can lead to reliance on community and government services for seniors who have lost their financial security.

“A lot of people in Niagara know a story about a senior whose money or property or valuables have been stolen”, said Ted Kingdon, project consultant. “Seniors are being tricked and scammed out of what was theirs after a life of hard work, leaving them with little or nothing to live on. We know its happening and we know it needs to be stopped but until now, we haven’t been sure how to do that. That’s what this project is about.”

“We met with several organizations in Niagara to obtain statistics on the extent of senior financial abuse to support an application for a pilot project for an intervention service to deal with this problem” said Rick Rochon, project consultant.  “But there were no statistics available. We then secured this funding to do research to provide evidence of senior financial abuse in Niagara and to develop a model for an intervention service.”

The project, which will get nearly $110,000 from the federal government, will document stories of elder financial abuse obtained from seniors and staff at organizations that provide services to seniors. Presentations will be made to seniors’ centres and residences on the issue of elder financial abuse and solicit stories of abuse. Stories may be submitted by the public to the project website www.befairproject.ca or to .  The research is being completed with the guidance of the Brock Community Observatory.

Contact: Karen Moncur 905.934.6767 Ted Kingdon 289.228.8455 Rick Rochon 289.990.3630

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Budget 2014: Solid Leadership-Steady Growth Print E-mail Share to FacebookTweet This!
Feb 11, 2014 at 06:17 PM

Dykstra says budget measures will benefit families, job seekers and entrepreneurs

St. Catharines – Member of Parliament Rick Dykstra is welcoming today’s federal budget, Economic Action Plan 2014, with its focus on job creation, economic growth, and keeping taxes low – along with a plan to get balance the budget by 2015 – as positive news for St. Catharines.

“While Canada has the strongest job creation record among all G-7 countries, with more than 1 million net new jobs created since the depth of the global recession, too many Canadians are still looking for work,” said Dykstra. “That’s why this budget will continue our government’s focus on training, education, supporting entrepreneurs and growing the economy in St. Catharines and across the country.”

Highlights of Budget 2014

Job Training and Apprenticeships

  • Creating the Canada Apprenticeship Loan, which provides apprentices registered in Red Seal trades with access to over $100 million in interest-free loans
  • Supporting entrepreneurs to help them grow start-ups, commercialize their ideas and create more jobs
  • Invest in youth through the improvement of the Youth Employment Strategy, creating more paid internships in high-demand fields and small businesses
  • Investing $40 million for up to 3,000 internships in high demand fields and $15 million for up to 1,000 internships in small and medium sized businesses
  • Help students with the cost of education by eliminating the value of student owned vehicles from loan assessments to better reflect the needs to students, especially in rural and suburban communities, who commute or work while studying


  • Securing a Competitive and Innovative Automotive Sector by investing $500 million in the Automotive Innovation Fund to support new projects and long-term investments in Canada’s automotive sector
  • Improve regional and Local Ports by providing $33 million to support the divestiture of regional ports to local enterprise and to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of federally owned ports
  • Provide $390 million to Parks Canada to improve highways, bridges, and dams located in our national and historic canals across Canada

Staying the Course 

  • Cracking down on unjustified cross-border price discrimination, to combat artificially inflated Canadian prices
  • Eliminate paid paper-billing services
  • Increase the value of the Adoption Expense Tax Credit to help offset the costs of adopting children
  • Implement Canadian Victim Bill of Rights
  • Promote Canadian Made Products.  Developing a “Made in Canada” campaign to promote high quality Canadian products while reducing internal barriers to trade
  • Honouring Canadian Veterans by expanding the Funeral and Burial Program to cover modern-day veterans of modest means and ensuring veterans and their families can engage Veterans Affairs 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • Projected surplus of $6.4 billion by 2015-2016

“This government recognizes that the best way to grow the economy and help create more jobs is to keep taxes low and work toward a balanced budget”, said Dykstra. “And that’s exactly what Minister Flaherty has delivered today.”

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Strengthening and Modernizing the Citizenship Act Print E-mail Share to FacebookTweet This!
Feb 06, 2014 at 01:44 PM

Reinforcing the value of Canadian citizenship while continuing to move toward a faster and more efficient system

Toronto, February 6, 2014—Today, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander unveiled the first comprehensive reforms to the Citizenship Act since 1977. Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, will protect the value of Canadian citizenship for those who have it while creating a faster and more efficient process for those applying to get it.

Blueprint for Citizenship Improvements

This important legislation will streamline Canada’s citizenship program by reducing the decision-making process from three steps to one. It is expected that, by 2015–2016, this change will bring the average processing time for citizenship applications down to under a year. It is also projected that by 2015-2016, the current backlog will be reduced by more than 80 percent. Citizenship application fees will be better aligned with the actual cost of processing, relieving the burden on Canadian taxpayers who currently subsidize 80 percent of the cost.

Reinforcing the Value of Canadian Citizenship

The government will also ensure citizenship applicants maintain strong ties to Canada. This act will provide a clearer indication that the “residence” period to qualify for citizenship in fact requires a physical presence in Canada. More applicants will now be required to meet language requirements and pass a knowledge test, to ensure that new citizens are better prepared to fully participate in Canadian society. New provisions will also help individuals with strong ties to Canada, such as by automatically extending citizenship to additional “Lost Canadians” who were born before 1947, as well as to their children born in the first generation outside Canada.

Cracking Down on Citizenship Fraud

This legislation includes stronger penalties for fraud and misrepresentation (a maximum fine of $100,000 and/or five years in prison), and expanding the grounds to bar an application for citizenship to include foreign criminality which will help improve program integrity.

Protecting and Promoting Canada’s Interests and Values

Finally, the legislation brings Canada in line with most of our peer countries, by providing that citizenship can be revoked from dual nationals who are convicted of terrorism, high treason, and spying offences (depending on the sentence received), or who take up arms against Canada. Permanent residents who commit these acts will be barred from applying for citizenship.

As a way of recognizing the important contributions of those who serve Canada in uniform, permanent residents who are members of the Canadian Armed Forces will have quicker access to Canadian citizenship. The act also stipulates that children born to Canadian parents serving abroad as servants of the Crown are able to pass on Canadian citizenship to children they have or adopt outside Canada.

Quick facts

  • Canada is successful in turning immigrants into citizens: more than 85 percent of eligible permanent residents in Canada go on to become citizens.
  • As a result of these amendments, applicants will need to be physically present in Canada for a total of four out of their last six years. In addition, they would need to be physically present in Canada for 183 days per year for at least four of those six years.
  • The current citizenship fee does not reflect the actual processing cost. Changes will ensure applicants are responsible for more of the actual processing cost.

Related products

Twitter: twitter.com/CitImmCanada

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Tax forms, guides and envelopes for 2013 tax year now available Print E-mail Share to FacebookTweet This!
Feb 06, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Our office now has a limited supply of the T-1 General forms, guides and envelopes for the 2013 tax year. Please contact our office at 905-934-6767 and we would be happy to mail the forms to you, or stop by Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4:30 pm at 61 Geneva St. in downtown St. Catharines to pick them up.


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